Jitsi API cannot call 'stopRecording'


Using IFrame Jitsi: https://jitsi.github.io/handbook/docs/dev-guide/dev-guide-iframe

I am running the unstable version of Jitsi(required by this in order to get iFrame API to be able to stream to Jibri).

I am able to call startRecording like this:
api.executeCommand(‘startRecording’, {
mode: ‘stream’, //recording mode, either file or stream.
youtubeStreamKey: ‘streamkey’ //the youtube stream key. });

But when I call the stop like this:
api.executeCommand(‘stopRecording’, {
mode: ‘stream’,

I get a console log in the browser of “Invalid recording mode provided!”

Any ideas?

I solve me problem using

api.executeCommand(‘stopRecording’, ‘stream’);

Thank you, that works!