[jitsi-announce] Stable 1.0 beta1 build.3768 is out!


After about a month since our last stable release the Jitsi team is
proud to bring you its latest one, containing many important
improvements and bug fixes!

So, don't waste any more time and go get it now at


Following is a list of the most important changes brought by this build:

* Fixes a number of issues with video calls with GTalk, Jabber and ICE
* Adds support for MSI Windows installers for easier administration (in
addition to the existing .exe installers)
* Adds, in addition to ZRTP, support for encryption of SIP calls with
SDES (sometimes referred to as SRTP)
* Adds certificate based authentication for SIP
* Adds RTCP encryption for SRTP protected RTP streams
* Adds support for trusted MitM/PBX-s
* Adds support for loading XiVO server stored extension lists.
* Makes fonts in chat window persistent
* Simplifies security settings
* Fixes disproportionate contact list tool tip.
* Fixes several issues with conference calls
* Fixes full screen support on Windows and improves it on Mac OS X
* Makes the Windows x64 setup default to 'Program Files' and not
'Program Files (x86)'
* Fixes on-line provisioning DHCP requests by adding the proper src IP
* Fixes disappearing messages in chat window. Fixes chat history navigation.
* Adds remote resolution control for XMPP video calls.
* Fixes remote resolution control for SIP video calls.
* Fixes support for RGB camera devices with V4L2 on Linux
* Fixes a few OTR issues
* Fixes a few MSN related issues
* Removes support for bonjour/zeroconf.
* Adds missing dependency to Debian package.
* Fixes a problem that was causing Jitsi tooltips to remain visible
after moving to other applications
* Makes Preferences/Options window resizable
* Organizes audio and video configuration into tabbed panes and improves
the General form
* Adds various other fixes and improvements

Best regards from the Jitsi dev team!