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Hi everyone
I have a problem in connection of android with jitsi in local network with no internet and we searched the forum but couldn’t find any solution can anyone help me to work locally? and we use self signed certificate.

GitHub - jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet: Jitsi Meet on Docker says:

NOTE: The mobile apps won’t work with self-signed certificates (the default).

It is default that Android apps does not work with self-signed certificates.

Also from the top page you could easily find the thread which contains this post:

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Thanks for the reply
we want to use in our local network and there is nothing without self signed certificate is there any way to bypass the ssl?
And we already put the certificate in our device trust store but still problem is existing.

I assume you would have to fork and re-create by yourself something that works with self-signed certificates…

Did you set the certificate (not self-signed one) with full chain? The fact the certificate must be with full chain is not written in the quick install manual (actually it took me a couple of days to solve the issue).

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Yes (non self signed certificate ) working fine but we need to work with self signed certificate in local network with no internet.

We have the same problem and we are waiting for any solution

As the team says it is not available right now on Jitsi.

I recommend you to look for alternative.

@Adras_t Sorry but it’s the stuff that you need to seek by yourself, based on your own situation like budget etc. According to your activity (Profile - Adras_t - Jitsi Community Forum - developers & users) you keep asking the same question anywhere but I think you are seeking the wrong place, if you cannot get the answer which satisfies you…

@KEYLETAL do you know it will be supported in the future?

No, I don’t know. If you could pay enough money to 8x8 the function will be implemented by the team. Otherwise you just either have to wait or implement by yourself, I’m afraid.