Jitsi Android app "You have been disconnected" since some weeks

Hello community

I have a jitsi server on premise on a Debian 9.13 (stretch)

jitsi-meet                            2.0.5390-3  
jitsi-meet-prosody                    1.0.4628-1    
jitsi-meet-web                        1.0.4628-1 
jitsi-meet-web-config                 1.0.4628-1 
jitsi-videobridge2                    2.1-416-g2f43d1b4-1  
jibri                                 8.0-83-g204354d-1    
jicofo                                1.0-692-hf-1           
jitsi-meet-prosody                    1.0.4628-1     
prosody                               0.9.12-2+deb9u2

But since about 3 week, I encounter issue with the jitsi android app :
When I try join or create room it fail with the popup “You have been disconnected …”.
I don’t have any issue from the web (from phone or laptop)

I did try a tcpdump, i see a communication start on 443 , handshake happen, and then I see a reset sent from the client.

i don’t see any error log.

I did try update the app.
I did try delete the app and reinstall.

None of this did resolve the issue.

Is there a configuration value for increase log verbosity to see any error who can point out what is the problem ? I suppose in /etc/jitsi/meet/$MyInstance-config.js ?

Any help appreciated

It seems there was a wrong order in my CRT file with the full chain…
I make it again and now it’s work.

Related to Secure Domain: Jitsi Meet Android App cannot authenticate · Issue #6693 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

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