Jitsi Android APP issue: unresponsive windows , cannot close a call when PIP mode


I want report a annoying problem with android app. Am i only one affected ?

I have jitsi app 21.1.0 B7280253 ( last version from play store as 29/04/21) on my Android 8.0.0 SM-A520F / Samsung exp version 9.0 / knox 3.1

When i go on Pip mode, it happen that the windows become unresponsive, and so i can’t move it anymore or close it or even run jitsi app for make it open again… Only way to close is reboot phone.

I don’t know what lead to that unresponsive windows.
It happen time to time but enough for it be quite annoying.
Didnt happen with previous version.


Did you start screen-sharing by any chance? We know of a bug that affects PiP when screen-sharing was enabled.

No sir, Screen Sharing not enable.
But now you asking, I forget to say I did enable recording ! ( I do not know if can be related…)

It shouldn’t matter.

I tried to reproduce the problem with the latest app version on a Pixel 3a and everything works ok :-/