Jitsi Android app (20.3.2 build 4911829) no audio no video in conference room


We have an on-premise Jitsi setup, Chrome (Desktop) is working, iOS 20.3.2 build 83 but Jitsi Meet Android app 20.3.2 build 4911829 will login anonymously (with meeting password) always no audio no video. The Android app detects camera (video displayed on app taken from front camea of device) and mic (no error message but no way to verify audio taken properly from device mic).

Both iOS 20.3.2 build 83 and Android 20.3.2 build 4911829 apps works with audio and video on meet.jit.si conference server.

Any recommendations?

Attached are prosody, jicofo and jvb logs.

prosody.log (9.4 KB) jvb.log (94.9 KB) jicofo.log (76.2 KB)

while I have only browsed very quickly your jvb log it looks to me that you are indeed using Jitsi meet locally (not through the internet). So maybe you are using a self signed certificate. I think that when you are using Android phones you need regular certificates. Typically when you have certificate problems you never see anything of interest in the logs because no connection is established.

@gpatel-fr… thanks for the quick review… all the server and clients are within 192.168.1.x, the server certificate is not self signed, it is from let’s encrypt…

the chrome clients on ubuntu 18.04 notebooks has its hosts file pointed to the server… ios and android uses dns “bypass / vpn like”… without these… it will not even connect to the server IP address only

no error / warning from chrome browser desktop on certificate

also, we can use the chrome (set desktop site) on android device (provided the dns resolution is ok) to join a conference room with audio and video working

I’m afraid that I have no idea what you are talking about so I have better to punt out at this stage. The only thing I can add is that the Jitsi app has had for long a reputation for being cheesy with certificates when dealing with turn server, but I have never spent time trying to understand this issue since at the moment it is not really a concern for me. Look it up on this forum if you are interested.

@gpatel-fr … on ios and android, there’s no way to access the hosts file unless the device is rooted… we simply use another app to bypass the dns resolution to point the domain name to a particular ip address … thanks for the heads up

oh well. Good luck with that. I would have setup a split dns and a wildcard Let’sencrypt certificate. It’s a matter of taste, I dont’ trust shortcuts.

Greetings All: this post was originally posted on “Install & Config”. We’re hoping if any of the community members aware of the issues (or settings issue).

We’re managed to compile and install an android app based on https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet-sdk-samples/tree/master/android/kotlin (posted 3 months ago) with the same no audio no video issues.

Any recommendations?