Jitsi and Video Sip Gateway (SIP-Jibri)

I’m trying to install Jibri as a video SIP gateway (aka SIP-Jibri). I have some questions about it.

The status of my current setup:

  • I have a working Asterisk 16 server
  • I can create video call on it using 2 Linphone clients
  • I build PJSUA using pjproject branch jibri-2.10-dev1
  • If I connect to Jibri desktop through VNC and start PJSUA manually then I can create a video call session without issue. I can see the video of the other peer (Linphone client) in Jibri desktop.
  • Jibri related configs are OK. I can record Jitsi session as an MP4 file.
  • Token related configurations are OK, I can list SIP clients in invite box.
  • When I select a SIP client from invite list, the other peer rings but the SIP session fails immediately.

After checking the codes, I see that Jibri tries to start PJSUA on display :1. Since there is no display :1 in my setup, it fails immediately. If I add display :1 by starting a second xorg process manually, PJSUA works.

My first question, am I missing something or is it needed to add something (such as a new systemd unit) to start a second xorg process? I didn’t find anything about this on the old posts or documents.

Hey @emrah !

Yep, the SIP-Jibri deployment is a bit rough around the edges. You do need 2 X servers, 2 ffmpeg virtual cameras and 2 ALSA loopback devices.

Thank you @saghul.

I want to be sure if these are already implemented or I need to add them manually. It is clear now.

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I added jitsi-videosipgw-installer into contrib repo.

It is not completely ready but it works as a proof-of-concept.