Jitsi and Unity webview not working together

Hello, I am new to unity and would like to make Jitsi meets into an AR application. So I use the asset 3D webview from Vuplex (3D WebView: cross-platform web browser for Unity (Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and UWP / Hololens) | Vuplex). The issue is after I put the link into the webview, the output is a plain grey screen. I am sure I have the microphone and camera requested and allowed in the application. I have been stuck on this issue for days and have no idea what could be the possible causes.

Are there any js console logs? Does that support webrtc?

This might be useful: Third-Party Software | Jitsi Meet

Sure, I will check it out

No logs, sorry (still figuring out how the asset works). And the description of it has not mentioned anything about WebRTC.