Jitsi and SIP/h323 terminal (camera)

I installed Jitsi in testing enviroment (VPS 2 cores/2GB RAM).
My goal is to connect SIP/h323 terminal/camera to Jitsi.
I already installed Jigasi and successfuly conected terminal via SIP than I found that Jigasi offer sound only connection.
I saw some info about Jibri.
Can someone elaborate shortly how to get it to work with SIP terminal?
I already installed Jibri (on the same VPS) but have some questions:
• How camera connection is done? Do I connect via SIP? Can I use Jigasi and header/default room function or I should connect in other way?
• Do I need configure recording and streaming part of Jibri config as I do not need these functionalities?

Jigasi is audio only, you cannot use it for video.

So the config about kernel and the rest of the dependencies are the same.

There are multiple posts in the forum about it:

This was work in progress, we left it in working shape, but is not documented.

So there are two options, inviting the room from within the UI from the invite or do an HTTP request waking up a jibri instance to listen on 5060 before forwarding the sip call to it, which will be auto answered.