Jitsi and puppeteer relation


A server (Ubuntu 18.04 / nginx) running jitsi meet shows a quite important number of puppeteer processes.
I count 72 lines right now to ps aux | grep puppeteer, all of them starting with /usr/lib/node_modules/pageres-cli/node_modules/puppeteer/.local-chromium/linux-818858/chrome-linux/chrome

I don’t remember installing puppeteer, never even heard about it before zabbix started to complain about too much processes on this server, leading me to take a look at the process list.

I found that puppeteer might be related to jitsi meet, could it be the case?

What is strange for is that another Ubuntu puserver running jitsi meet does not show any puppeteer process at all…

It’s possible that I installed an unstable release at some time on the 1st server.

There is nothing about jitsi-meet here and there is nothing in our repos that uses puppeteer …

Hi, thanks @damencho for caring about this and the answer.

You’re right, there was nothing about jitsi-meet in the line I displayed.

I wrote puppeteer might be related to jitsi meet because my rgrep mentionned in its output list: