Jitsi and php integration

I need help to use jitsi with php
I have planet hoster hosting i would like that connected users of my website can use jitsi, please someone helps me ??

You can use the iframeAPI:

ok thank you, I need some help I’m a young dev, I have some difficulties to integrate the api properly, do jitsi have a technical help ?
I just want that each logged users can start a live stream for other logged users can be able to join.

here I want jitsi available

marbe there is a video integration or a step by step for beginners ??

It is more complicated than that. To be able to start a recording/streaming you need jibri installed in your environment and you need the participant that joins and starts it to be moderator.
If you want to control the moderators from another authentication system, you should configure your deployment to use jwt tokens and make your PHP server code generate the jwt tokens server side and make the clients use those when connecting.

If you are not hosting it yourself you can either use meet.jit.si, where everyone is moderator and can start streaming and recording (there are limited number of streamers so you may sometimes need to wait for one to be available) and make sure you follow the Terms & Conditions | meet.jit.si Terms of Service
Or you can use jaas where you will use 8x8.vc deployment and you need to just control on the serverside the jwt token generation.

the goal is that logged teacher on my website can start stream and logged students in my website can join
I can try to install jitsi by npm on my web host server

You cannot host jitsi on a web host server, you need a VM with root ssh access to it. Follow this to make a deployment Self-Hosting Guide - Debian/Ubuntu server · Jitsi Meet Handbook

oh I don’t have all this im using planet hoster to host my website and I don’t have nothing else, I pay a plan to host my website.
ok I’ll check the link thank you

Then you can use either meet.jit.si following the terms of service showing the adds and leaving all jitsi branding. Or you can use jaas, paying us to host your meetings and you can adjust branding and have control over who is a moderator or not and who can start recordings/streaming.

hello i need help to use jitsi with my php website, i dont want do self hosting, i just want to integer jitsi to my existing website hosted by planet hoster

You’ve already been provided all the information and the options available to you. I think JAAS would be your best option, seeing as you don’t have a handle on this yet. Check it out.

I integrated JITSI and PHP this way:

<script src="https://meet.jit.si/external_api.js"></script>
    const domain = 'meet.jit.si';
    const options = {
        roomName: '<?php echo "Name_Room_".substr(md5(date('Ymd')), 0, 4); ?>',
        width: '100%',
        height: '100%',
        parentNode: undefined,
        userInfo: {
            email: '<?php echo $_SESSION["Email"]; ?>',
            displayName: '<?php echo $_SESSION["Name"]; ?>'
        configOverwrite: {
            disableScreensharingVirtualBackground: true,
            requireDisplayName: true,
            doNotStoreRoom: true,
            disableModeratorIndicator: true,
            <?php if ($_SESSION["Email"] != "teacher@gmail.com") echo "
            disableDeepLinking: true,
            disableRemoteMute: true,
            remoteVideoMenu: {disableKick: true, disableGrantModerator: true},
            toolbarButtons: ['camera','chat','desktop','fullscreen','hangup',
        interfaceConfigOverwrite: {
            OPTIMAL_BROWSERS: ['chrome','chromium','firefox'],
            MOBILE_APP_PROMO: false,
            <?php if ($_SESSION["Email"] != "teacher@gmail.com") echo "SETTINGS_SECTIONS: ['devices','language','profile','sounds']"; ?>
    const api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(domain, options);
    api.executeCommand('subject', 'Live classroom');
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hi thank you i will try, do i have to enter my private key or something else ?
i saw : “teacher@gmail.com” and i didn’t saw where you provided your account key in the code, it is not necessary ?

You will need to create a username/password login page, and a MySQL database.

Ok thank you i already have an account, but i didn’t knew i had to create a database, can you please give me the process to do so ?

hello thank you for your reply, but what i have to put inside the database, what should be the tables, maybe you can tell me the name of each tables, i really appreciate your help but i’m missing some information to be able to get benefit of your help that’s why i’m asking

and inside this document i don’t see the moment where the app connect to the database.

also what is the name of this file index.php, jitsi.php ?

the goal is that logged teacher on my website can start stream and logged students in my website can join

Not sure what exactly you mean. But what I understand you have your own website where teachers and student log in.
You need to have your own jitsi server running ( or use jass service https://jaas.8x8.vc ) and use Iframe api to link vc on your website.