Jitsi and OpenVPN



I’m using Jitsi Desktop Client (v 2.10.5550) in my company and it’s working fine locally.

But When I try to use it with my OpenVPN Tunnel, it never seems to initiate the call on the Xivo Server.

The issue looks like this :
(sorry it’s in french)

It stucks at the call initialization. The ACLs are open on our firewall, I can SSH and Ping the server, so the trafic between my client and the server is allowed.

Any ideas as why my jitsi client is not getting through the tunnel ?

Thank you in advance for the help.


Take a look at https://desktop.jitsi.org/Documentation/FAQ#fragmentation


Thank you very much, that seems to be the problem with all the codecs :slight_smile:

I’m going to look how I can implement this.

Thanks again.


This is not a problem with codec, but MTU which is even smaller when using VPN. You are sending udp packets bigger than the MTU and those got truncated(broken) or not delivered.
Lowering the number of codecs you send minimises the size of the udp packets. Or simply use TCP.


Yes , sorry I got that it was a packet size issue.

Thanks anyway :slight_smile: