Jitsi and OBS

I have a few users who are using OBS’s Virtual Camera. I am finding that when viewing on a mobile device (portrait) the video feed is enlarged only showing a small part of the screen. When viewing on mobile (landscape) the image is cut off on the top.
Originally I thought it was my version of Jitsi, and after trying this on Jitsi’s platform using the Jitsi mobile app, the problem still exists

Does Jitsi have an option to make the screen size dynamic when using OBS’s Virtual Camera to screen share?

From Jitsi’s perspective OBS is “just another camera” — the cameras are all behind a standard interface provided by the browser and OBS isn’t (can’t really be) handled specially.

Any difference between OBS and other cameras would most likely come down to the resolution or other parameters being used by OBS. You might try setting OBS to output 1280x720 (a common webcam resolution) and see if it helps to make it be handled the same way as normal webcams.

If OBS is being cropped for mobile users it’s likely that some camera users are too, depending on their camera aspect ratio etc. Cropping issues come up in the GitHub issues pretty frequently.

One possible solution is to set VIDEO_LAYOUT_FIT: "nocrop" in interface_config.js which will turn off all cropping on web. I’m not sure if there is an equivalent setting for the mobile SDKs.

nocrop is appropriate for always “showing the whole camera” but can be a bit strange for normal videoconferencing usage.

Oddly enough screensize using the OBS virtual camera with Google Meet and Zoom it’s perfect

Any chance you can take a screenshot of the resolution in the stats overlay (hover over the signal strength indicator) for the OBS camera?