Jitsi and Mysql DB


I have add mysql database for Prosody account. When I create account with prosodyctl it was adding on DB. Then I login with it. Login is pass, but there is an error. The host is locally.

I also used Postgres DB but it happened same issue.


Could anyone help me about that?

Check jicofo logs. The error is that there is no jicofo available in the system.

Have you created the focus and jvb users in your mysql db?
Take a look at this guide it should work

I have checked that guide. But still there is same issue. I think the problem related jvb and focus account or secrets. As shown in guide, after I add Postgres DB I added accounts. I think that Jicofo cannot connect with that accounts. How can configure jicofo properly?

Where is your db hosted ? is it on the same machine as the jitsi or on a different host?
Did you configure the host in your prosody config file.
Is your firewall open on the port where the db gets connected.
If the db is hosted on an external host, then have you allowed remote connection.

Please share your jicofo logs to understand better.

This link shows nothing…Can i get another documentation for setup mysql authentication?

if a web site is down or has disappeared, you can often get the original page with the Internet archive

Not sure of what you mean by link shows nothing. Cause i see the complete documentation of the setup on the link.