Jitsi and jibri custom

Hello team,

Currently I have several problems with my installation of JIBRI, which I relate below to see if someone from the community can give me a hand:

Is it possible to leave the avatar in a single standard icon? that is, that this image does not change if it is not always the same?

There is a way to always leave a user as a moderator, for example, if I have a conference, but the moderator is late, the system stops moderating to another, what I really need is that a particular user is always the moderator, it is possible ?

Currently the platform, record the video, however, the audio of the conferences does not work, I installed different versions of JIBRI and FFMPEG 2-3-4 and none recorded the audio, someone could explain to me if he successfully recorded audio and video?

Is it possible that the recording option is executed automatically at the beginning of the conference, that is, is it possible that the recording system has an “automatic recording”?

The recording only shows a camera, it is possible that the recording remains with the “Toggle” system active, in this way the recording would allow to see the two people in a single view.

Image 1

Many thanks to the whole team.


Regarding my experience with the platform my comments,

Avatar standard
The only way I know leave standard icon is login using gravatar email.

Leave a fixed user as a moderator…
You might need to setup secure rooms, that way only when the user arrive to the room, he we’ll be the room moderator.

Jibri record … no audio
Your vps/wm might not have support for the sound driver in the kernel, you need to check that before hand, for gstreamer I don’t think the version is the issue, I’m using gstreamer packed on *buntu 16.04, and works fine.


Toggle mode
Interesting haven’t tested, will try.


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Hi @Ark74,

I am facing a similar issue on Jibri recording. The video records, but there is no audio. I have double-checked with the soundcards. The loopback device is already loaded. Any ideas about this?


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Then it may be your OS.
Which one is it?

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Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Abhijit Nathwani

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Hi @Ark74 and @abhijitnathwani how are you?
Could you share the configuration and versions that you installed to be able to run JIBRI successfully?

You might wanna try this on a clean 16.04 OS,

Just be aware that there is a bug on unstable, so make sure you check that too.

Hmmm, weird.
Test the script I just quote.

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Hi @Ark74 how are you?

I tell you that I do not know what to do to solve my problem, the conference works very well, but the recording (jibri) does not work properly, it only records the audio video, could you help me solve my problem?

I have done what you shared, but still does not work, currently, I have my server jitsi and jibri in google cloud, I have done everything step by step, but even the audio does not record, could you give me a hand with this?

Could you please tell me the versions of jitsi and jibri that you have installed and what other things I should install to the server, I am desperate :frowning:

Hola @Ark74 cómo estas?

Te cuento que ya no se que hacer para solucionar mi problema, la conferencia funciona muy bien, pero la grabación (jibri) no funciona correctamente, solo graba el video el audio no, podrías ayudarme a resolver mi problema?

He realizado lo que compartiste, pero aún así no funciona, actualmente, tengo mi servidor jitsi y jibri en google cloud, he realizado todo paso a paso, pero aún el audio no graba, podrías darme una mano con esto?

Podrías por favor indicarme las versiones de jitsi y jibri que tu tienes instalado y que otras cosas debo instalar al servidor, estoy desesperado :frowning:

Hi, let’s keep it in English so other members of the community can follow the thread.

I did used GoogleCloud with no sound a long time ago, I have no news of people being able to use jibri there, I know that OVH, Amazon and other custom hostings, like Inmotion Hosting have systems running just fine.

AFAIK, https://meet.jit.si runs under AWS.

So my best recommendation is to test the same environment that you have set, or the script I shared on another hosting vendor, or even on a VM with enough resources and with a good internet speed.

If you choose to rent a VPS, in some cases you can rent by the hour :slight_smile:

Best regards.

Hi @Ark74,

The script installs Jitsi and Jibri both on the same machine, which IMHO would not be a feasible solution as Jibri is supposed to run on a separate VM without any additional load.

Hi @gogekkos

My current installation runs Jibri, but does not record audio and video recorded is only of some 7-8 secs, which I recorded for 30 secs. So there is some other issue as well.

Jibri: 5.0.57
Ffmpeg: 4.0.3
Google Chrome 71.0.3578.98
ChromeDriver 2.45.615279 (12b89733300bd268cff3b78fc76cb8f3a7cc44e5)


Indeed this script is not meant to build a cluster.


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Good morning team @Ark74, @bbaldino and @damencho, I confirm that you have done several tests on Google Cloud servers and Amazon Web service and the result has not been successful, in both services jibri only records non-audio video, the problem continues, in reality there is more to be done, Already do we have the new version of jibri?