Jitsi and FOSDEM 21

In case some of you don’t know, this year’s FOSDEM (FOSDEM 2021 - Home) conference was held online and it was made possible with software like Jitsi Meet and Matrix.

It is a large conference that gathers together a huge crowd of free software and opensource developers, devops and users from all across Europe and the world and shifting all of this to the virtual space is something that a lot of people (including me) thought would not work well.

Luckily we were proven wrong and it was a very good experience. Connecting from a browser or matrix client, from desktop or from mobile, jumping in and out of the bookmarked talks to watch the pre-recorded presentations or participate in the Q&A panels and projects’ stands - all of it was a breeze.

With the covid19 challenge upon us, I guess to plan and hold the conference was really hard, but the infrastructure, the Matrix and Jitsi Meet servers worked really well. There seemed to be a small glitch at the morning of the first day, but it was resolved.

I’m writing this to send kudos to the Jitsi team and to Saul, who had two talks about Jitsi and also was helping in some of the Q&A of the RTC devroom.

I saw there was no topic about this here and I hope a “Congrats!” :heart: :beer: among the issues, problems and questions here will be nice.

This was a huge success to Jitsi Meet.