Jitsi and Coturn Behind Corporate Firewall

Does anybody have steps or a tutorial to install jitsi and coturn on the same machine behind a corporate firewall where only 443 and 80 are allowed in and out?

Seems like an official tutorial with this scenario would solve many of the issues I’ve seen in the forums.

I’ve been struggling to get this scenario working 100% for months. Need it to work in browser and android/iOS apps.

Can’t find a 100% steps/tutorial for this scenario anywhere.

The participants are behind the corporate firewall in most cases, not the server…

That’s not really helpful to the issue. I guess it’s how you look at it. We host Jitsi in a DMZ and yes our employees are BEHIND the firewall but customers and everyone on the internet are in-front of our firewall and behind theirs.

I guess I need to illustrate this.

[employees] <–> 443 and 80 [Firewall] <–> JITSI <–> [Firewall] <–> 443 and 80 <–> INTERNET

So basically only allow 443 and 80 to the Jitsi server and use coturn BEHIND that.

A tutorial on how to get this working would be nice.

Regardless of the actual setup, just allowing 443 and 80 with coturn on same system and no additional ports.

Assume you deploy Jitsi with domain https://meet.xyz.com, there are two things to be investigated to make it work.

  1. How outsider/people on public Internet be able to access website https://meet.xyz.com? This is for signalling.

  2. How outsider/people on public Internet be able to access the media port used by JVB? In your case, the only allowed port is 80/443. Does your corporate allow non-HTTP/non-TLS traffic on 80/443? If only HTTP/TLS traffic is allowed on 80/443, this makes things worse further.