Jitsi and Banuba (Masks and Hats) on Android

Is it possible to use Jitsi with Banuba? Banuba has an example of working with Agora (https://github.com/Banuba/videocall-android-kotlin). Is it possible to embed a framework with Banuba masks in Jitsi, did anyone have such experience and is it even possible?

Not out of the box. The API would need to be extended to use a custom capturer which would allow you to push frames coming from Banuda. Not impossible, but not trivial either.

Do you know which specific Android classes (in org.jitsi.meet.sdk) are responsible for processing frames? Or is it necessary to touch on Javascript here?

You’d first need to add an API for feeding foreign frames in react-native-webrtc and then use it in the SDK to provide a Java API to be consumed by embedders. Then you could use Banuba.

This is “back of napkin design” level, so you need to look into it.