Jitsi and 8x8!


Hey all
Today 8x8 announced it has acquired the Jitsi team and our technology from Atlassian. This is a great thing and will only help to keep Jitsi’s momentum with renewed investment. The Jitsi team will remain 100% intact and will continue to be an independent group. Operationally things will work much the same way as they did under Atlassian. Jitsi users and developers won’t see any impact, though we do expect with continued funding and support you will see even more new features and capabilities from the project!

8x8 is firmly established a cloud communications provider focus on business communications with hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue and tens of thousands of businesses of all sizes as customers. Just like Jitsi was previously used to help provide video capabilities to Atlassian’s products, we will be helping to support state-of-the-art video features in 8x8 X Series.

8x8 sees tremendous value in the open source community and is committed to helping grow the community even larger. With a major, high-movited backer like 8x8 behind the project, we are confident about our ability to continue building great open source products.


Emil & your personal Jitsi team

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Congratulations to Emil and the Jitsi team!

I’m curious, if anything changes in terms of contributing to Jitsi?
I have one PR opened, more PR for ice4j to reduce threads usage are WIP, and one planned.
I hope contributing will still be possible, and PR will be reviewed more quickly, but need your confirmation.

Thanks a lot in advance,


Some of us need to handle some day to day logistics as we go through this (moving across continents and such). So do expect at least some slow down for the next month and a half (or so) but other than that, no. There will be no changes


Hi Emil, congratulations on this news- exciting times ahead for you & the whole team I’m sure!

I appreciate you may not be able to disclose information, but how certain are you that there will be no changes? I mean, we saw what happened to Kurento when Twilio grabbed the top talent from that team. Kurento claimed that there would be no changes, but you know…

8x8 is a huge machine that surely has a lot of internal politics at play. It would not be far-fetched to think that the jitsi team could eventually get swallowed up into the 8x8 Meetings team, with future enhancements/innovation mainly focused on the needs of that specific product.

I’m not complaining- just saying that from the outside it looks and feels like this could easily happen.

Are there any specifics you could share to put worries like this at ease?


Hey there,
I do agree that unfortunately these things happen and that’s quite sad.

Still, I don’t believe there is any reason to worry here.

To begin with, a quick look around the news coverage on this deal, as well as 8x8’s earnings call yesterday would reveal numerous statements from various 8x8 executives, that repeatedly, without any caveats or ambiguities express 8x8’s strong determination to continue developing the open source community around Jitsi.

Secondly, it might be worth reminding that Jitsi already went through one acquisition 3 and a half years ago, when we all joined Atlassian. Back them there were similar concerns and people were understandably worried then too. We promised that we were not going to let anything compromise our community and we held that promise. Jitsi’s community is today richer and stronger than ever and that’s our track record. That has to mean something :slight_smile:.

The entire Jitsi team has been involved in this acquisition process and we, just as our new peers at 8x8, are all committed to preserving Jitsi standing in the community.

So, really, as much as certainties can exist in this world, I have no concerns about Jitsi’s future days!

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the detailed response, much appreciated!

I have seen the comments made by the 8x8 execs, but frankly, those don’t put my mind at ease all that much. I consider that to be “marketing speak” and things you’d say after an acquisition like this. I’d hardly expect them to say: “we’re going to bury this product” :slight_smile:

Regarding the Atlassian acquisition of jitsi 3+ years ago, sentiment seems to be that this was a rather atypical experience- or at least, that it could have gone either way. There is even an article on jitsi.org (“The Atlassian Acquisition - 3 years later”, June 4, 2018) where Chad says:

“The track record of large companies acquiring small open source projects is often not good – the acquirer generally needs the expertise of the staff for its own projects and siphons away resources from the open source work.”

I share that sentiment. The fact that this did not happen is a true testament to Atlassian’s commitment to the open source community. And if the jitsi team carried weight in that decision process, kudos to all of you as well! The jitsi team has been extremely transparent throughout, and that does indeed count for something. It is actually one of the driving factors in choosing jitsi over competing technologies.

Still, 8x8 are not Atlassian, and it remains to be seen if the actions live up to the words. Time will tell.

I’m not trying to catch you out or anything like that- nor do I want to sour this experience for you or anyone. Just playing devil’s advocate- from a perspective of genuine concern.

In any case, here’s hoping for the best. Thanks again for your genuine response and open communication!


This is important so I am going to insist:

  1. I haven’t been able to find similar promises from the acquisitions you mention and I don’t believe they mean nothing.
  2. The entire Jitsi team, myself and a number of other people have spent a lot of effort to make sure that this next Jitsi deal is compatible with our vision for the project and fosters its community. I think we did quite well from that regard.
  3. You asked for any thoughts that I could give you on the matter. I did that. I am not really that interested in a “what could possibly go wrong next” debate since I fail to see how it could be constructive. We all have better things to do with our time … including keeping Jitsi a successful open source project.


Understood- thanks for driving the point home. We were recently burned with Kurento and reacted too late- mainly due to promises made to us. We finally made the decision to move to jitsi, and then this news hit. I guess I’m a little more sensitive to this topic than I should be.

I agree this is not the time or the place to discuss all potential doomsday scenarios, but honestly, that was not my intention.

Keep up the great work, and once again, thanks for taking the time to elaborate on this issue!

All the best,



Understood and what I am trying to say is: we got your back! We are not going anywhere!


Awesome, looking forward to getting stuck in with this technology!


cheers. I’ve followed Jitsi for years, it’s always getting better! (just need better documentation with things like… Jibri :smiley: )

As long as it stays open sourced, I’m happy. Keep it up Jitsi team.


Congrats Emil and the rest of the Jitsi team.

I’ve been using your software since the sip communicator days and can attest you guys truly are committed to open source and building the community.

I was worried when Atlassian bought Jitsi a few years ago, but all promises seem to have been kept.

Congrats again! You all deserve it


Congratulation to Emil and JItsi Team for this next step in Jitsi project life.

I have a question regarding CLA.

As past contribution CLA was sign with Atlasian does it means we need to sign a new one with 8x8 ?



Being Australian, I’m glad Atlassian behaved well - and I hope it all goes well with 8x8!

My hope is that Jibri becomes seamless in its use with Jitsi but I am new here and haven’t looked around a lot yet to see if this has already been talked about . .

Thanks for some really nice software though!