Jitsi + Amazon EC2 + Route53 + Terraform

Hey everyone,

I was looking to orchestrate ephemeral infrastructure that could be used just for the time span of hosting a videoconference and destroyed after the conference was done. As a first step, I was able to write a minimal Terraform configuration that allows me to bring an infrastructure up and take it down when needed.

Based on inputs from several discussions on this forum, I was able to write this configuration for a standalone setup. Big shoutout to https://avasdream.engineer/terraform-jitsi for laying the groundwork. :slight_smile:

This configuration:

  1. Creates an EC2 instance
  2. Creates a security group for firewall
  3. Creates a Route53 record and maps it to this newly created EC2 instance.
  4. Does not allow anonymous moderators, but allows annonymous guests.
  5. Works with Terraform Cloud

I’ve documented and hosted it here: https://github.com/mavenik/jitsi-terraform/blob/master/aws/Readme.md

I could use some feedback. That would certainly help me think about how it could evolve further.

I am also interested in doing an HA setup with k8s, but waiting until there were some final updates on loadbalancing participants within the same conference across multiple JVBs. I’m not sure if that has been pushed to the stable branch already.

I’d also like to extend this repo to include other modules such as federated logins with SSO and even with Amazon AWS Cognito User Pools. I have checked the configuration with Shibboleth on Jicofo’s docs on Github (unable to link it due to a limit on posting links in a single post).

Any feedback would be of great help. :raised_hands:t2: