Jitsi alpha for Android


Apologies if this is an old potato already discussed elsewhere.
I have used Jitsi desktop successfully for years and also use the Alpha release for Android (currently the latest nightly build Jitsi-android-258.apk) on my HP Slate 10 (Android 4.4.2) which works quite well.

I would like to use it also on my Android Phone (Blackberry Priv Android version 6.0.1). It installs OK but refuses to go online. I get the error message:
**An error occurred while logging in with account: User name: *****, Server name: sip.ippi.com.
This is most probably an internal application error. Please report the problem to our developers
mailing list (dev@jitsi.java.net).

Can anyone offer any help? As there has, apparently, been no further development on the Alpha version for Android since 2014, I suspect it may just be incompatibility with the later versions of the Android OS but it would be nice to know for sure