Jitsi all component deployment files on RKE rancher kubernetes

I’m discovering Jitsi set of component and it seems to be a great solution. I would really like to use it in my organisation and i have already set up a RKE Cluster (kubernetes with rancher). I saw some users that already try to install it on a kubernetes cluster. I would like to do so in my RKE cluster so i was asking if someone already wrote YAML files for deployment of each components (meets, prosody, jicofo, jv, jicasi, etherpad, jibri) that we will just have to use. I saw a docker-compose file so i wondering if someone already transform them into kubernetes deployments and include all components (as jibri that is not in the docker-compose scripts). I hope i will have a positive answers as i think i’m not the first with that need with such a good solution. Thanks in advance, i hope read you soon

Find any solutions yet? I am working on the same thing.

Hey @colinvv2 i didn’t find kubernetes yml but i adapt docker config of this doc https://github.com/jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet and it works( after many debug of course). Have you tried?