Jitsi Admin Panel

Any news on this ?. Are you still working on this ?

Any updates ?

It is still in development. Because of our workload alpha release is unknown for now.

Hello @umitdogan,

are you still developing the jitsi admin.

We started an open source project to cover all the tasks. Perhaps it is interessting for you.

Best regards

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I will be looking into that! I have been waiting for such features for more than a year now!

Although, German documentation might be an issue for me!

If I can suggest something, International projects should be documented and delivered in english first… It pains me to say it because I am a french person, but that is the reality of things…

Hello @Normand_Nadon
it is already fully translated into english an spanish.
We are still loocking for french contribution.
You can register here and translate. Then it will be in the next release.

Best regards

For testing you can use the public instance which is completely free of charge.

I did not follow the links yet, but they are “advertised” as German only on your GitHub :wink:

on wiki on the right side :slight_smile:

My apologies !

Thanks. It would be very nice to share the project before completing the “tasks”… I probably would give more inspirations :slight_smile: What can i say? Good luck.

Anyone interested in Jitsi Admin. Public beta is very soon. It is coming with nice and handy features. Stay tuned…

I ain’t movin’…


Are we soon yet?

Propably :slight_smile: We are really busy to earn money for living…

What… you too? I thought I was special! :smiley:

I was joking… I can’t wait to see that feature!

We are working on Jitsi Admin since 1 year… time to time… And it went completely some other direction. I am sure everyone will like the idea if we can finalize and share :slight_smile:
I am pretty sure you will like it…


I was off for a bit (2 months on a sick leave!), did Jitsi Admin become a reality?

Have a nice day all