Jitsi Admin Panel


I guess most of the Jitsi users would need an admin panel.

In which admin can;
Flexible (oaut, SAML, LDAP or mix) authorisation before Jitsi-Meet and then go on with JWT.
Authentication based on user role.
Sinle point healt check of multiple components and also mutiple bridges in different servers.
Limiting meeting time and other meeting parameters per user role.
Cutomising Jitsi-meet interface.
Remote configuration of components.

User can;
Schedule meetings
Invite persons before meeting starts
Previous meetings (Remeet etc…)
Having meeting contacts etc…

What does the community think about it?



great idea.

Anybody started this? Looking to do!

We are working on the Jitsi admin for a while and planning to open on git. But may take few weeks more.


Happy to contribute?

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Awesome ideas Umit. I’ll be more than happy to contribute.

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Would you be able to share generally what is the direction or approach you are taken to build an admin panel?

I created a REST API with Grails 4 for creating Rooms and mapping them to a SIP Pin and which can be queried by the reservations API.

I am planning to open it, but I would need 1 - 2 days to cleanup the project as it is very Specific to our environment currently.

The Frontend is proprietary, because of some libraries, but it should be very easy to create a new one.

It is also capable of being used as an admin panel for creating rooms etc. but would need some modifications/extra endpoints for this.

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We have developed a scaffold app with Node.js, React with Ant Design and SQL (Mysql or Postgres). In the app user, conference, contact management is already developed.

Main authentication will be handled by jitsi-admin and rest of authentication will go on with JWT based Jitsi setup.

Currently we are in the point of integration with Jitsi components;
In terms of integration with Jitsi components there are possible directions; through jitsi-meet, prosody or may be others. I think most flexible way is calling jitsi-admin API’s from jitsi-meet and customising jitsi-meet’s behaviour accordingly.

Also other than user and conference management we are planing to manage different jitsi-meet themes. For example; there will be themes like jitsi-original, round-table, classroom, webinar, performance (live video editing of streams coming from participants and having a single stream streamed out to all attendies) etc. I believe this functionality will be very useful for the community people who are planning to use Jitsi for different use cases and scenarios. Basically user will be able to choose conference theme before starting the conference. Other advantage of theme approach is community developers will be able support jitsi-admin with conference themes development.

And sure to say, i am very open for suggestions.


In Case it is still relevant, here is the GitHub repository of our Grails API:

I don’t know if it is very useful for other environments but ours or if it is understandable, but maybe it helps someone.


It is great idea to have conference management which is the missed point for jtisi.
because currently it’s hard to manage Jitsi meet it’s no user friendly for this part.


Please advise if it’s available.


Hello, is the system ready?

The Code found on GitHub is still what is in use in our environment, as we don’t need any more features than the simple room/sip mapping right now, we did not implement anything new. But feel free to share/fork and extend it if you want to.

We use Odoo as our ERP and have made “admin modules” in the Odoo UI that controls Jitsi through API calls… Works great!

How many is a few weeks? It’s been a few months…

Unfortunately we had no time to work on the Jitsi Admin project for a while.

Some community members reached me out about Jitsi-Admin.

We have scaffold admin application currently. Actually there is 2/3 months of work with 3-5 people for the first release. If someone want to work on the project please reach me out. Also open to sponsorship.

Here is the plan;
I will git the current source code. And continue development with the community.

Basic requirements;
Nodejs, react with Ant, Sql
Jitsi knowledge is prefered.

Ps: Business models based on OS are very possible.

What is the specifications outlined for the project? What are the end-goals?

Hello Nordman,

There is a quick brief about the project in the previous posts. It is basically managing Jitsi conferences in workspace (tenant) perspective in terms of meeting configuration, user management, role management, contact management, dashboard for reporting (real time and historical view), also API connectivity for external integration.

If you are interested just send me PM so that we can discuss more.