Jitsi 8x8 support?

I’ve been on 8x8’s “aisera-powered” support chat for nearly 30minutes! It claims “Live Chat” but it’s simply not true. It’s a BOT! We Jitsi lovers are in trouble if 8x8 is giving “AI” bogus service to some third party like aisera. How can jitsi community support its own service if 8x8 can’t take paying customers of its services?
What can we do Jitsi people?

How do I unsubscribe for 8x8. Each email address I email to return saying the email is unmonitored. Been trying to do this before the free trial I signed up for was expired. Now the first payment was taken from my credit card and I do not want a second payment taken from my card. I have not been able to get through by phone.

Dear Veno,

I feel your pain. I did not even GET to pay for the 8x8 service when I needed to. I’ve been trying to reach 8x8 several days. After much searching, I spoke to a man on the west coast about my inability to get the link to work between Jitsi-8x8-Auth0 and he was not able to even tell me who Auth0 WAS or why the link failed or what happened to 8x8 support!

This is a problem that we in the Jitsi community need to solve. We must help each other. So I must ask, why are you trying to get out? Are you not getting the support you need? What went wrong that makes you now ask for your money back? Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.
I’m just a developer. I’m not an employee of the above companies. Let me know, and I may be able to help or steer you in the right direction.

Hi Brian 1
Thanks for responding. I want to unsubscribe because the 8X8 does not offer any feature that is
not available in the free conferencing platform. I thought I could do break out groups but it doesn’t. Frankly there is nothing unique or different from the jitsi free version.
I also think the company is disingenuous- they make it easy to subscribe with your credit card and do not provide any contact. They sent me a receipt that they took payment and use an email that does not take reply. I don’t even use the 8x8- I might have done so one or two times to test it out. I do not wish to continue with such a company.
I want to unsubscribe and do not wish for them to take any other payment from my credit card.
Thanks for any help I can get to resolve this matter.

Hi Veno,

The worst part of poor customer service, these days, is the “bot” auto replies without the ability to reply ourselves. I think the pandemic caused businesses both large and small to foster bad behavior…and pat themselves on the back for such behavior. I’m having the identical problem except 8x8 didn’t get my credit card. I can’t get responses either.

When you say “break out groups”, do you mean groups which are initiated from inside a blog? I want to help, but I’ve never heard that term before.


Hi Brian
Just to create different groups during a conference. But I am now past that I just want to unsubscribe for the 8x8 video service remove my credit card. How do I do that because they do not make transparent how to reach them?
So disappointing.

Hi Veno,

Do you have jitsi installed? I ask because it’s free. I don’t know what you’re required of your credit card unless it’s what I assume is the branding/ads removing feature that 8x8 offers. Is that it? 8x8 is jitsi, but they offer the “community” backup support only from what I’ve seen.

I went the other way to 8x8’s ownership-investors which seems like it’s Auth0.com. Thankfully, I hadn’t paid yet. Try that. Try Auth0 to wake up 8x8 to get your credit card “subscription” stopped asap. Good luck.


Thank you, will try and let you know how it turns out.