Jitsi 2.10.550 crash on macOS Big Sur

Hey there :slight_smile:
I´m using Jitsi on my daily routine and since i´ve upgraded to macOS Big Sur which is final now, i can´t use Jitsi anymore. I´ve made a screenshot of the crashlog. Hope you can help me and provide us macOS users a fix soon :slight_smile:

Hi @userslater,

did you check Jitsi crashes in your browser, too?

Tip: Try different browsers - not only safari.

thx for your reply but its the desktop client :slight_smile: need it for using my sip account.

+1. I’m also using the legacy desktop client v2.10.550 as an SIP client on Big Sur. And it segfauts on launch, most of the time. It did load once, curiously enough. Thanks for looking into this!

Did this ever get solved? Having the same issue with current Jitsi Desktop client. Crashes on launch.

From what I understand the macOS client is no longer maintained. I don’t think it will ever get resolved.

I understand that the macOS client ist no longer supported by the team. But maybe there are some kind members of the community who use this client with macOS, too, and could provide a fix :slight_smile: