Jitsi 2.0.6689-1 installation problem

Last week I’d installed latest version of jitsi and it work fine (2.0.6433-1). Today I’ve installed the latest version (2.0.6689-1) on the same AWS ubuntu 20 AMI but sometimes when I load the homepage or direct link to call, I need to wait too much time (1 minute) to have a server response.

Can you please check the Network tab in devtools to see why the page might hang for so long?


Looks like establishing the WS connection between the client and the JVB is taking a bit longer than expected, you may want to look at that path.

JVB & Jitsi are in the same server and it use the same AWS security group of the other server that’s work fine. It’s really strange… Yesterday I’d update an old installation (in order to resolve the plan B issue) and that installation work fine…