Jitsi 1080p

Hi there, we are running jitsi via the API, self hosted docker version. We are looking to have a 1080p webinar. have set the video constraints as such:

constraints: {
        video: {
            height: {
                ideal: 1080,
                max: 1080,
                min: 240

But for some reason it hardly ever goes upto 1080p, even though we have 100mbps internet. It never persists on the good quality, is there antything else we can do to achieve this?

Other things we have tried:

resolution : 1080
enableLayerSuspension : false

We also played with the below values and set them to very low, eg:

maxBitratesVideo = {
                    VP8: {
                        low: 2000,
                        standard: 4000,
                        high: 5000,
               minHeightForQualityLvl = {
                    120: "standard",
                    240: "high",

It seems to work consistently, it was issues with CPU load on the computers. A short follow up question, is the 720p limit removed on mobile by now? I saw it in a thread of about 2 years ago.

Yes, I think it defaults to 360.

Great thank you. I will close the thread now.