Jitok: Jitsi Token generator


jitok is a simple token generator for Jitsi.


Check jitok.emrah.com for a simple UI.


curl -sX POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -d '{ "secret": "mysecret", "aud": "myapp", "exp": 3600 }' \
  • alg (optional)
    the algorithm
    possible values: HS512 or HS256
    default: HS512

  • secret
    the secret key

  • aud
    the application identifier

  • iss (optional)
    default: get the aud value

  • sub (optional)
    the tenant
    default: *

  • room (optional)
    the allowed room
    default: *

  • exp (optional)
    the expiration time in seconds
    default: 3600

  • name (optional)
    the username

  • email (optional)
    the email address

  • avatar (optional)
    the avatar link

  • affi (optional)
    the affiliation
    possible values: owner, moderator, teacher
    any other values will be set as member

  • rec (optional)
    Enable recording
    possible values: true or false

  • live (optional)
    Enable livestreaming
    possible values: true or false

  • screen (optional)
    Enable screen-sharing
    possible values: true or false


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Very nice! Is this open source?

I added it here, cheers! Third-party Software · Jitsi Meet Handbook

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Yes, it’s open source.
This is the related folder in GitHub

well, I think that you are supposed to add a ‘License’ file somewhere (maybe I missed it), just publishing the source is not considered as ‘open source’ -it’s a lawyer’s world :slight_smile:

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Nice! Also, Deno! :heart:

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Hello @emrah ! Question, what is the plugin you have to use to validate the token? And, how is this sent from the UI?

hello @acruz,

This script creates the token, not validates… If you want to validate (verify) the token in deno then check this

Thanks for your response @emrah !!!

I was thinking more how to use this JWT to authenticate the user against prosody. Like:

  1. My app creates a similar token
  2. The jitsi ui sends it to prosody
  3. How prosody uses it? Do you have to install an specific plugin?

Check this topic and the codes of the prosody modules which are linked in it

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I updated the Jitok UI. Switched to sveltekit