Jitis scaling

Hi Jitsi community,
We are seriously considering Jitsi as our media server for the development of a social media application where we have 1:1 peer to peer and 1:many broadcast scenarios.

For Broadcast: we are particularly interested to know how Jitsi will scale to meet our demands. For example: how many concurrent connections 1 EC2 instance (say c3.large) will handle where Jitisi media server is installed?

For peer to peer: we believe we need to have our own signalling server and we plan to setup in an EC2 instance. For example: how many concurrent connections 1 EC2 instance (say c3.large) will handle where signalling server is installed?

We are even ok to know your experiences with scaling.


You can check the history and this had been answered many times. There is no exact answer of your question as there are many moving parts and unknown.
What is the common browser that will be used, on Firefox in the scenario drastically change the bandwidth. How big will be the conferences 5x 3 person is different than one 15 person call, questions like this change dramatically the answer. There are some old news and numbers you can check for more clear answer. We will be adding the new bridge to stable at some point we can work on some measurements to give an idea.
The limitation that you will hit is not the cpu of the machine, it will be the bandwidth.
For the p2p mode you will need and turn servers.
As there are no numbers to give, we always give an example with meet.jit.si, we use c5.xlarge for the jvb instances, we run in 7 regions with two bridges per region and we hardly see scaling up events.
The signalling node can handle tens of thousand concurrent sessions.

Thank you for the prompt response.
For P2P, we understand. thank you again.
For broadcast scenario, we are not talking about group video. we are planning to do live streaming i.e. 1 publisher and many subscribers. imagine we have 15 subscribers for each publisher. how many such live streamings can happen in c3.large kind of EC2 instance. We are looking for some range if not specifics. thank you in advance.

For livestreaming you need one jibri machine per session (we again use c5.xlarge for that) and whatever you stream to Youtube you can have millions of viewers at the same time.
If this is your case with all one to one calls, where you have one participant and one jibri I would say that one jvb(c5.xlarge) can handle up to 200 such sessions and after that you may start hitting some bandwidth limits and quality will suffer.