Jitis Customization for live streaming

Hello everyone,I have setup jitsi in one instance and jibri docker in another instance.its working find.Now I like to start my jitsi meet to direct live streaming on entering the room.I didn’t find documentation or any help regarding this.
What i want is Direct live streaming on entering room.Is that possible? i like to stream on my own rtmp url on entering room.
Any help will be very helpful.Thanks in Advance.:slight_smile:

Seems possible but a bit complicated for me to explain clearly.


hello @emrah Thankyou for reply.Great it worked :).Recording has started automatically,but i need to start streaming do u have any suggestion regarding streaming ?


Thanks you @emrah i got my solution by adding streaming url on the reordingManager provide by
Tip: hacky way to start recording automatically
I changed the mode from file to stream and provide the streamId for streaming and its workd

// APP.conference._room.recordingManager.startRecording({mode: ‘file’});
APP.conference._room.recordingManager.startRecording({mode: “stream”, streamId: “STREAM-RTMP-URL”});