Jit.si SaaS provider/hosting in European/"secure" country

I found A european provider to install and deploy Jitsi meet server for my small company but nothing more.

We are an international NGO and are looking for a provider which can host a jit.si secure-domain instance for us (~30-40 participants max). We would prefer “secure” countries, e.g. limited surveillance, strong privacy regulations, good FOTN/RSF rating. That could be (to our knowledge) e.g. Switzerland, Iceland, Ireland, or Finland. We are well aware of the trust we put in the provider, but we currently don’t have resources to host ourselves.

I found fairkom in Austria. Hetzner also seems quite popular, but with Hetzner we would need to deploy & maintain ourselves.

Can somebody give recommendations, links to jit.si providers? Ideally in one of the above countries, but not necessarily (e.g. provider under EU/GDPR as well)


There is a Company in the Netherlands who offers Jitsi Meet on your own server. Scalable, with your own logo. Prices starting at € 50,- per month. I read their privacy declaraton, and it looks as if they pursue privacy by design: as little data as possible, as much as needed. GDPR Proof. Look at BIT.nl.
(I have no shares, but am considering to become a client myself.

Thanks, I already contacted them.

It would be great to get a list of providers. Because I think a lot of companies/NGOs don’t have resources for deploying their own jit.si server, but would like to have the (moderator) features of a jit.si secure-domain instance.

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Let me know if you still need this service, I support NGO’s and can do it within your means.

Hi Vmodha,

thanks, we have already finished our assessment, and are currently testing.

For anybody else looking for jit.si hosting providers, I discovered the following link (all kinds of free-to-use jit.si instances), and went from there to find providers which also offer a private jit.si instance.