Jisti meet android controlling invite, api for controls, chats and share document/screen



Hi, Sorry if my queries seem duplicate.
First of all I would like to appreciate the Jitsi meet developers and contributors who have worked hard to provide SDK for seamless integration of video conferencing functionality with mobile applications. I have integrated Jitsi Meet SDK for Android as mentioned here and it is working perfectly. But I have a few queries as mentioned below.

  1. Add Participants - Currently add participants is working properly. Is it possible to know exactly what intent it is firing, basically intent filter and its content, so that it can be handled in other application. Also is it possible to control over that button in JitsiMeetActivity. Or in case any other available button in JitsiMeetActivity
  2. Participant Count Is it possible to find the participant count in room? I need this count to handle a case where two people in room and one of them leaves room then I need to close that room for other participant as well.
  3. Chat and Share screen/document - It seems there is no feature/functionality for room chat on mobile sdk or is it available, if yes then how to access it? Also is screen share functionality available?
  4. Lock room - Is this feature only available on mobile? because on chrome browser I could not see it.
  5. Also on mobile I guess we do not get any notification if somebody leaves the room? or is it there.

I would really appreciate if you guys can give clarity on above mentioned points.


Hi there!

I’m not sure I understand the question. Do you want to control what applications show up on the share sheet and / or what buttons the UI shows? At the moment that can only be changed by directly modifying the code and rebuilding the SDK.

This is not currently possible.

Chat is in PR at the moment and screen-sharing will be coming up, but I cannot give you an ETA.

You can see it on the web when you press the “i” button.

No, there is currently no notification. You do get an audible beep, FWIW.

I hope this helps. Cheers!


Thank you for prompt reply saghul. It helped lot.

By the way here I wanted to know the intent action, type and extras if any, based on which necessary action would have be taken in target application.