Jisti customizations required



Looking for someone highly knowledgeable in Jitsi to make the following customizations. I have installed Jitsi on Ubuntu using the quick install guide.

Looking for someone who can do all / any of the below:

  • Need to remove the homepage for Jitsi. Currently it allows anyone to come on the homepage and create a meeting. This should not happen. The homepage should be removed completely.

  • My website is a SaaS based service which allows users to host meetings. However, this interaction between jitsi and SaaS app should happen via some sort of authentication mechanism. Can discuss the best approach for this and implement accordingly.

  • Removing Jitsi branding from everywhere

  • Scaling Jitsi horizontally on AWS



You can do some the UI stuff yourself. jitsi-meet’s config.js enableWelcomePage and interface_config’s branding options can probably be set to what you need. I think config is in /etc/jitsi/meet and interface_config is in /usr/share/jitsi-meet.


Hi @yashd87,
I can help you with that. Drop me an email at tanvir1190@icloud.com then we can discuss the project in details.



Hi yashd87,

At webrtc.ventures we have experience deploying and building Jitsi based applications. We are experts building custom video and voice applications. Feel free to reach us by filling this form: https://webrtc.ventures/contact