Jisti and HumHub via module

Hi. I’m trying to get Jitsi working via HumHub, which has a Jitsi module in its marketplace. I’ve installed the module, told it to use the public Jitsi website, and accessed it from the PC, works fine.

I then try it on my Android phone (and multiple Android devices - I’ve tried at least 5 already from phones to tablets) and they all just sit there circling with “Connecting you to your meeting”.

I’ve asked in the HumHub community and unfortunately there’s no logs of produced errors so there’s little they could advise.

I try the Jitsi mobile app stand alone, works fine. Trying via the module, fails.

Any ideas what I can do to trouble-shoot this issue and get it working?


Are you using a valid certificate for this deployment?

Hmmm… I have a Lets Encrypt for the main website domain, is that what you mean?

The module has very fw settings:


is there another cert I should be worried about?

I’m not sure how this works … If it is using the iframeAPI this is only for web. If you are using the meet.jit.si deployment from your web then from android you directly connect to the room with same name directly on meet.jit.si.

Hi. Thank you for your reply.

Yeah I’m not sure how the module works either, I’ll have to try and look at the code on the weekend.

I did raise a git issue with the developer of the module early this week but so far no response.

In the mean time, I also installed a Jitsi server, I added the server name to the module (it has fields for that) but when trying to connect it did exactly the same thing, that is, just sits there on the Android devices circling.

Accessing my Jitsi server directly works, a random room name is created and I’m in.