Jire - Reservation System for Jitsi Meet


I wanted to use the reservation system available in Jicofo but I do not have an existing system I could connect to the API to. Since I couldn’t find a standalone system I built one, it’s available here. It’s made with Python and you can run it with Docker.

For now the features are simple:

  • Add and delete room reservations
  • See all running conferences

It’s a work in progress, many features should be added in the near future. Pull requests and issues are welcome.


Thanks for sharing. This only runs in docker?

No, the docker container might just be easier if you don’t want to deal with the code. You can clone the repository, run flask run directly (recommended for development) or use a WSGI like gunicorn. Check out the README for more details.

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@christian.loelkes, thank you for sharing your work! I just tested it, but it does not work for some reasons… specifically it does not save the submissions and logs do not contain any error

[2021-02-11 15:48:03,996] DEBUG in Conferences: Add reservation for room asadasdad to the database
[2021-02-11 15:48:03,996] INFO in routes: New reservation validation successfull
[2021-02-11 15:48:27,381] DEBUG in Conferences: Add reservation for room sfadsf to the database
[2021-02-11 15:48:27,381] INFO in routes: New reservation validation successfull

There is my publicly accessible instance http://beeps.vip.jelastic.cloud:8080/

It seems Jicofo is not checking the API of the reservation system. You can easily check by creating a conference with yout Jitsi Meet that does not exist as reservation. Then you should see the following entries:

[2021-02-11 18:16:44,502] DEBUG in Conferences: No reservation found for room asdf
[2021-02-11 18:16:44,514] DEBUG in Conferences: Add conference 1 - asdf to the database

In the Jicofo log you see the following lines:

Jicofo 2021-02-11 18:16:44.497 INFO: [81] org.jitsi.impl.reservation.rest.ApiHandler.log() Sending post: {name=asdf, start_time=2021-02-11T18:16:44.496Z, duration=-1}

I will extend the logging so it becomes a bit more obvious whats happening. Actually you can delete the posts with the logs to keep this thread as compact as possible.

@christian.loelkes, also Jire does not show the list of previously created conferences. What should be next step on my side? Should I just wait for the logging update?
Thank you

if the start time is now and duration is 15 min measn after 15 min from now will the room get destryied and meeting will hangup?

@christian.loelkes hello do this are worke for new resevertione systeme?