Jigasi working but no option to place an outgoing call anymore

I’m running a Jitsi instance with Jigasi. It’s a manual install on CentOS 7. Jigasi is used with the brewry option (not XMPP component).
Jigasi itself is working : it’s correctly registered on my asterisk server, inbound calls work and can join the conference I want.
But since a few weeks/months (when the meet interface was refactored a bit I guess), I do not have the option to place outbound calls from Jitsi. If I open the “Invite” button, I only have the options to copy the link, share it on social media, embed this meeting and I can see the number and pin for inbouind calls. But nothing for outbound.

How can I debug this to see where the problem is comming from ?


Jigasi seems to be correctly registered on Prosody, and Jicofo discovered it :

oct. 23 11:47:35 jitsi prosodyctl[717]: c2s19d0540                                             info        Authenticated as jigasi@auth.visio.lapiole.org
oct. 23 11:47:35 jitsi jigasi.sh[7974]: 2020-10-23 11:47:35.299 INFOS: [48] impl.protocol.jabber.ProtocolProviderServiceJabberImpl.authenticated().2423 Authenticated: false
oct. 23 11:47:35 jitsi jigasi.sh[7974]: 2020-10-23 11:47:35.312 INFOS: [64] impl.protocol.jabber.JingleNodesServiceDiscovery.run().111 Start Jingle Nodes discovery!
oct. 23 11:47:35 jitsi jigasi.sh[7974]: 2020-10-23 11:47:35.385 INFOS: [64] impl.protocol.jabber.JingleNodesServiceDiscovery.run().151 Jingle Nodes discovery terminated!
oct. 23 11:47:35 jitsi jigasi.sh[7974]: 2020-10-23 11:47:35.385 INFOS: [64] impl.protocol.jabber.JingleNodesServiceDiscovery.run().152 Found 0 Jingle Nodes relay for account: jigasi@auth.visio.lapiole.org in 74 ms.
oct. 23 11:47:35 jitsi jigasi.sh[7974]: 2020-10-23 11:47:35.393 INFOS: [48] org.jitsi.jigasi.xmpp.CallControlMucActivator.joinCommonRoom().298 Joining call control room: JigasiBrewery@internal.auth.visio.lapiole.org pps:ProtocolProviderServiceJabberImpl(Jabber:jigasi@auth.visio.lapiole.org)
oct. 23 11:47:35 jitsi jigasi.sh[7974]: 2020-10-23 11:47:35.423 INFOS: [60] impl.protocol.jabber.ChatRoomJabberImpl.joined().1322 jigasibrewery@internal.auth.visio.lapiole.org/focus has joined the jigasibrewery@internal.auth.visio.lapiole.org chat room.
oct. 23 11:47:35 jitsi jicofo.sh[6932]: Jicofo 2020-10-23 11:47:35.440 INFOS: [30] org.jitsi.jicofo.xmpp.BaseBrewery.log() Added brewery instance: jigasibrewery@internal.auth.visio.lapiole.org/jitsi-3arko5u

So, I think it should be OK

Quick followup : I was just missing the ENABLE_DIAL_OUT setting in interface_config.js. This used to defaults to enabled, but not anymore