Jigasi with sipgate, dial-in only possible in one specific room name

Does somebody know why you can only use one special room name for dial-in with sipgate?

In the /etc/jitsi/jigasi/sip-communicator.properties I defined the room name


and I can only dial-in in this room siptest and this works without entering a PIN and autoconnects incoming calls. But if I create any other room name instead there won’t be a call established. So is this normal with sipgate or can you also get it work with sipgate and different room names with PIN?

Thank you.

You need to control the sip side communicating with jigasi in order to create IVR and pass custom sip headers with the room name that the dial-in user wants to join.
Here is a good example how to do that Guide for setting up Jigasi with Voximplant

Thank you. I now got it work with an Asterisk / sipgate configuration. All works as expected for the dial-in direction. The only problem now is with this configuration the dial-out direction and I get an 404 error when inviting a call-out phone number. So could it be that I have to change something in the Asterisk settings so it can also handle the call-out? Is here in the forum a complete tutorial for Asterisk / sipgate / jigasi with call-in and call-out?

Problem solved by adding a rule to call out to the public phone net.