Jigasi with Lobby, Second Caller doesn't knock

I noticed that with the lobby feature the first phone caller into the bridge does knock and can be let in by the Moderator but every caller after that is allowed in without knocking. Tested on jigasi 1.1-134-gcb27476-1 and 1.1-137-g3294cc2-1. Anyone know if there is a way to resolve this? Using Asterisk with Jigasi connected to meet server running 2.0.5041-1 in a secured domain.

Hum, interesting observation. I will check it, I found a bug that may have been affecting that … but it is fixed in 1.1-137-g3294cc2.
Are you sure you are reproducing it with that?

Can you share your jigasi config after masking sensitive data.

I think I see the problem, but it would happen only if jigasi is authenticated using https://github.com/jitsi/jigasi/blob/master/jigasi-home/sip-communicator.properties#L92

I am authenticating with that method. What should I be using instead?

Is there a reason for the authentication? You should not authenticate.

This is how lobby works, if I’m user with username: a@domain.com and I authenticate and I’m allowed to join the room once, if I reload and have the same username I’m already allowed to join the room.

We are using secure domain so I followed the guide here: https://jitsi.github.io/handbook/docs/devops-guide/secure-domain which says to add the authentication parameters. We are now using JWT to authenticate so I am guessing I need to update the configuration to use JWT instead of user/pass but I am not sure how to go about doing that. As in what fields in the jigasi config need to be updated to utilize jwt tokens.

You need to enable it to connect through bosh and add the jwt in the bosh connection string.