Jigasi with 3CX ipbx


I’ve tried to connect Jigasi with my 3CX IPBX but it doesn’t work.
I’m sure about the credential, because I can connect with the same SIP account, on Jitsi Desktop.

3CX requires both User-ID and Autorization-ID
In Jitsi Desktop, I configure the user, and the authorization name

In Jigasi, i tried to configure UserID and Account UID, but it doesn’t work !!

Here my jigasi.log :
2019-10-28 12:22:25.191 INFOS: [51] org.jitsi.jigasi.SipGateway.registrationStateChanged().105 REG STATE CHANGE ProtocolProviderServiceSipImpl(32@aleksopbx.my3cx.fr (SIP)) -> RegistrationStateChangeEvent[ oldState=Registering; newState=RegistrationState=Connection Failed; reasonCode=3; reason=Received an error while trying to register. Server returned error:User unknown.]

Here my 3CX log :
28/10/2019 12:22:25 - [CM102001]: Authentication failed for AuthFail Recv Req REGISTER from username=“32”,realm=“3CXPhoneSystem”,nonce=“414d53595db6cf7178:887b962c8ccfa69983d8799fe328c2d7”,uri=“sip:aleksopbx.my3cx.fr;transport=tcp”,response=“060851264d112f63c97cec7549f4de0b”,algorithm=MD5
User-Agent: Jitsi2.11.0.build.by.SVNLinux
Content-Length: 0

; Reason: Credentials don’t match, check that authorization-ID and password match the ones in extension settings

Thank you for your help

You don’t need to modify UserID and Account UID, revert them as they were.
You need to add AUTHORIZATION_NAME property with the correct value.
You can go to Jitsi Desktop -> Settings -> Advanced -> Property Editor, find your account id and search it something like acc1553 and you can see all your props used in the desktop app so you can use same for jigasi.

It works fine now
Thank you for your help


I can call a phone when I’m in a meeting, it works Fine.
I also can join a meeting by phone, when i call the meeting number, i can join the default meeting room.

I see that is possible, with an IVR to ask a PIN code to the user, and he can join a specific room.
The problem is than I can’t send Custom SIP Headers with 3CX IPBX (known limitation).
Has somebody encountered this problem ?

Thank you for your help

Nobody ? :frowning:

There is no other way for the moment other than sending a SIP Header to specify the meeting name to be used to join.

Thank you
Maybebe I can use other SIP Headers that my IPBX can send ?

In jigasi you can configure the Header name by adding account property to the sip account like:


I will try that
Thank you