Jigasi transcription showing multiple language in a meeting

I am facing a problem regarding Jigasi transcription. I have hard-coded set the bn-BD (Bangla Language) language in jigasi source code. Deploy it and when a meeting is running some participant transcription subtitle shows en-GB (English-Britain). Maximum participants see subtitles in bn-BD language but some participants see subtitles in en-GB.

Could you please help me to resolve this problem.

This can happen if the user’s browser locale is set to English (it’s quite common even in non-English-speaking countries for users who understand English to do this, due to the very bad quality of many website/app translations), or if language detection fails (in which case defaultLanguage from config.js is used, which is en by default).

You should set transcriber.useAppLanguage to false in config.js, and set transcriber.preferredLanguage to bn-BD. This will make transcription always use Bangla. You shouldn’t need to patch Jigasi.

Note though that bn-BD doesn’t appear in jitsi-meet/transcriber-langs.json at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

I have set transcriber.useAppLanguage to false and transcriber.preferredLanguage to bn-BD but it’s not working.

Given that bn-BD isn’t in the list of supported transcriber languages (linked in my previous post), I’m not surprised that it wouldn’t work. It might be possible to use Bangla but I would think that at a minimum you’d have to add it to that list.

I have added bn-BD in jigasi source code and it works fine. But in meeting few participants see english language instead of Bangla. Suppose there are 10 participants in the meeting among them 8 people see bangla transciption and 2 people see english transcription.