Jigasi Transcription Issue with Jitsi Docker Stable Release 6173 | Need Jigasi stable release git hash


The goal of my project:
To run Jitsi Meet on Docker and use the Vosk Transcription service via Jigasi.

Problem Faced:
With the latest Docker release, everything seems to work fine except Jigasi, where the transcript is unable to capture a significant part of the conversation even though the subtitles show the text returned from Vosk. To resolve this, I decided to debug using the stable Jigasi release that was used to build the image. (jigasi_1.1-195-g65ef768-1_amd64) from Index of /stable/

I wanted to check out the git hash for this version, make some modifications and recreate the Debian image.

Here, I’ve faced some trouble tracking the git version that was used in this Jigasi release. I assumed the hash would be the one in the name i.e. 65ef768.
However, when I compared the jar inside the Debian image with the source code at the git hash, I see a considerable number of differences.

Could you please help me source the exact git hash that was used to create the Jigasi stable release (jigasi_1.1-195-g65ef768-1_amd64)?

Attached is a sample difference screenshot.

This seems to be resolved now.
It seemed to be an issue with the java version used to compile the source code.