Jigasi Transcribe does not work with API toggleLobby or with API password or with Token?

Jigasi Transcribe does not work with API toggleLobby or with API password or with Token.

I have installed jitsi with jigasi for transcription and it works very well.
However, my requirement is to maintain this function and have an access control system.
The only mode I’ve managed to get working with jigasi transribe is “secure domain” but it doesn’t suit my needs.
I don’t know the configuration to make jigasi work in case I start a conference with API and enter api.executeCommand password or toggleLobby.
Also I have tried making some changes to my jigasi sip-communicator.properties file to work with Token but to no avail.
Do you have any suggestions?

Configure jigasi to use a specific domain and username and password when joining (transcriber.mydomain.com):

And just whitelist that domain (transcriber.mydomain.com):

First of all, thank you for your reply and for all the work you do.

I can’t get it to work after your suggestions.
I probably made a mistake or didn’t understand what you wrote.

I send you the screenshot of the changes to my sip-communicator.properties and the screenshot of the changes to my prosody.cfg.lua-jvb

Thank you for your help

Have you created a transcriber…domain.com virtual host in prosody? And you need to add your jigasi user there.

VirtualHost "transcriber.yourdomain.com"
    modules_enabled = {
    authentication = "internal_hashed"

Restart prosody.

prosodyctl register jigasi transcriber.yourdomain.com 123456

Then use ...USER_ID=jigasi@transcriber.yourdomain.com

And update the whitelist with transcriber.yourdomain.com.

Hi damencho, with your advice jigasi transcribe works fine with API toogleLobby.