JIgasi SIP Configured but no dial info displayed for meeting invite

Went thru steps of install and SIP configuration for Jigasi but no dial info for audio only for meeting is displayed like it does when using Meet APP via Jitsi.org

You need to configure dialInNumbersUrl and dialInConfCodeUrl. For the second one you can use the same as meet.jit.si https://api.jitsi.net/conferenceMapper.
The first one needs to download a json file where you had added your dial-in numbers you have. And description of that json https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/doc/cloud-api.swagger#L130

Does the cloud-api.swagger file exists on server where I have Jitsi installed? In this case I have it installed using Ubuntu Linux; and same ? for the conferenceMapper JSON? file.

cloud-api.swagger is just description/documentation what is the json file you need to create, you don’t need it installed.
Conference mapper is a service you query not a json file, I proposed you to use the meet.jit.si one, but you are free to create your own service, its description and the format jitsi-meet will use is described in same cloud-api.swagger.