Jigasi SIP Calling

This is pretty old … what version of jitsi-meet is this?

Hello Damian,

Version: 2.0.5598-1

Thank you

That’s not even in stable and is hard to guess stuff… are you able to create a meeting with 3 participants?

Hello Damian,

This has been very stable and able to create meeting with 3 participants.

Thank you again

Maybe check prosody and jicofo logs, do you see something when you get the error XMPP error reply received from focus.meet.Domain.com: XMPPError: not-acceptable - modify.

Hello Damian,
Please see jicofo logs

Thank you very much jicofo.logt.txt (124.6 KB)

Seems to me you have authentication enabled in jicofo, share your jicofo configs.

Hello Damian,
Please see jicofo config

Thank you
sip-communicator.properties.txt (610 Bytes)

Remove the org.jitsi.jicofo.auth.URL=XMPP:meet.domain.com

Hello Damian,

Removed the org.jitsi.jicofo.auth.URL=XMPP:meet.domain.com
still not connected to the conference

Please see jigasi log
jigasi-6.log (58.6 KB)

thank you so much

Please check your logs before asking for help, there are obvious problems that you can handle yourself.
The room name is not correct Joining JVB conference room: {JITSI}@conference.meet.domain.com

Hello Damian,

My sincere apology, I have checked the log but I missed it.
I fixed the room name but still not joining the conference
Please see jigasi log
I am sorry for wasting your time
Thank you
jigasi-7.log (52.6 KB)

jitsi@conference.meet.domain.com with nickname: 70ec9b51. The chat room requires registration.

Was lobby enabled?

Hello Damian,

yes the lobby was enabled. I also tried with the lobby disabled

Thank you

A yes, there was one successful and sip side disconnected and one with lobby got connected and hanguped … from jigasi point of view everything looks good.

Hello Damian,
Thank you for your feed back.
I have tried opening two browser one for the conference room “A” and one for the siptest room. the call connect to siptest room but not conference room “A” (as expected). Then disconnected siptest room and redialed agin it did not connect
I also noticed the call terminate and another incoming call stated i tried to enable the following but no difference

Again thank you so much

Hello Damian,
I made changes on dial plan now i am getting the follwoing error Jigasi log

org.jitsi.jigasi.JvbConference.joinConferenceRoom().775 [ctx=16321179851731134757958] Joining JVB conference room: {“message”:“Missing Authentication Token”}@conference.meet.Domain.com

I appreciate if you can help

Something is passing that as a sip header maybe … check it out …

Hello Damian,
I seems asterisk logic cause problem. Will continue working asterisk and SIPAddHeader

Thank you very much