Jigasi runs well for a few days and then stops working (no audio)

We are running jigasi to do out-call to FreeSWITCH. Everything works well except after a few days, jigasi simply stops doing the media.

The SIP sessions are created correctly, the Jitsi side also appears normal (the jigasi participant is seen by others in the browser), but Jigasi simply doesn’t relay/mix any RTP in either direction (checked using packet capture). The only RTP UDP captured comes from the FreeSWITCH to Jigasi.

Has anyone seen this? The whole situation is completely random and I haven’t found anything in the log after comparing good call vs. no-rtp call.


That’s interesting we have not seen this. Which version of jigasi do you use?

When this happens you can run the collect-dump-logs.sh on the latest version and send me in private the result file and I can take a look when time permits, thank you.

I’m using 1.1-166-g929a439-1 and I’ll wait for it to happen and do the dump log.


Do you reproduce it with the latest version?

Yes, just upgraded jigasi to the latest unstable 1.1-184-g23376a7-1 about 9 hours ago and it happened on one instance. Then in all the excitement I forgot to do the dump before restarting it…

Yeah, can you do the dump, the next time it happens, also do lsof -p thejigasipid > result.txt for the pid of jigasi before restarting it and send and that … Thanks.