Jigasi requriments

Hi friends, sorry if the topic has already been discussed, but I am trying to gather specific information about jigasi and I cannot find much.

What are the CPU / RAM requirements for Jigasi?
How many connections can a single Jigasi server support?
Is there a call limit that a Jigasi service can support?

Thank you very much in advance, you are the best!

Wow those are good points! I would like to start a project with telephony capabilities, and Iā€™m also looking for details like those. Do anyone have statistics or more information about it?

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@danieloc we are in the same boat, we are not able to find out what the needed specs are for x amount of callers.

We are very interested in getting some more data as well on this.

There are no such specs as there are many moving pieces. Like the distribution of users per conference, like does the sip side support rfc 6464(rtp headers for audio levels), are you doing audio mixing or just audio translation.
Mixing of course uses more CPU, missing the audio levels transfers more data and uses more cpu and bandwidth ā€¦
I can share our experience with approximate numbers. We are using voximplant as a sip provider and we use them with translator mode, basically, they are doing the mixing for us and the RTP they send has the rfc6464 headers.
On aws c5.xlarge there is no problem to host 300 participants on a single jigasi, but there may be problems if those are 150 conferences with 2 people.
So basically you should figure the load your instance can hold and scale-up.

Hey @damencho!

We are investigating how to make the conference available for a DID number or something like that.
Still in the very early stages of this development, we are only investigating for now, but we are very interested in Jigasi.

Thank you so much for the quick response and information, very valuable!