Jigasi reports Error 500 / {"GW not ready"} on endpoint /about/health

Dear community,

I succesfully managed to get jigasi and asterisk running within our Jitsi Meet setup and incoming calls are working as intended.

Regarding the monitoring of jigasi, I added the REST endpoint /about/stats to our monitoring software, which also works as intended.

However, the endpoint /about/health is always reporting Server Error 500 / {“GW not ready”} even if everything is working as intended.

I assume that this is due to the fact that we deactivated outgoing calls by setting JIGASI_OPTS="--nocomponent=true".

Is it somehow possible to configure jigasi in such a manner, that the endpoint /about/health returns 200 even if we don’t support outgoing calls?

Thank you for all the contribution to the community!

Best wishes,


Which version of jigasi is this?

Thank your for your reply! We‘re using
jigasi/stable,now 1.1-126-g6df3db2-1 amd64 [installed]

There is a version in the testing repo that will hit stable soon, most probably next week. 1.1-166-g929a439
Can you test with that?