Jigasi Registration with virtual domains

Hi All,

I’m facing an interesting issue. I have a SIP domain named: meet.domain.com. I also have a username and password for said domain, which I’m able to user no problem.

Let us assume the credentials are user@meet.domain.com and blablabla.

My SIP registrar is located at sip.otherdomain.com.

Now, for some odd reason, Jigasi insists that the SIP registrar is meet.domain.com, although, the sip.communicator settings state differently.

Any thoughts?

Nir S

Maybe share your config, masking private info.

Actually, I managed to resolve the issue. Based upon the outbound SIP registration trace, it would seem that while it is possible to define a different server for the SIP registration, if the domain differs from the user domain, and the user domain resolves to a valid IP address - it will use the user domain resolved IP - not the server defined in the SIP Server address.