Jigasi raisedHand

Has anyone used the raisedHand with jigasi SIP?

Nope, that is not supported yet.

It is supported.
But you need some more code on the sip side, IVR and stuff.

We’re using Voximplant, familiar with how to mute|umute was done. We’re willing to dedicate delopment resources. Would you please elaborate or give us directions how to approach this

Yep, it is the same way implemented as mute/unmute.

Add this

                switch(obj.t) {
                    case 8: {
                        Logger.write("AV moderation enabled");
                        audioModerationEnabled = obj.d;
                        if (audioModerationEnabled) {
                            audioModerationCanUnmute = false;
                    case 9: {
                        Logger.write("AV moderation approved to unmute or moderator asks you to unmute");
                        audioModerationCanUnmute = true;
                        let call = confInputMenu.inCall;
                        call.say("Tha host is inviting you to unmute. Press star 6 to do so.", {
                            "language": confInputMenu.inboundLanguage
                    case 10: {
                        Logger.write("AV moderation denied to unmute");
                        audioModerationCanUnmute = false;

And here do some checks when av mod enabled to say something like: “This call is moderated. Press star 6 to raise your hand.”

Thx @damencho. Mute|unmute has been working perfectly from day one. The documentation was very helpful. As for the raisedHand we’re looking for help with how to configure jigasi/sip-communicator.properties

There is nothing to configure there. You need to support it in vox.

Hello, I also have been looking for something like this.
This is how I am sending muteRequest from vox.

function sendMuteRequestToCall(call, muted) {
    let request = {
        type: "muteRequest",
        id: uuidgen(),
        data: {
            audio: muted

    call.sendInfo("application/json", JSON.stringify(request));

If RaiseHand is implemented in Jigasi, How do I construct the Request object? What to put in the type and in the data?
Thank You.

Jigasi will automatically handle the correct setting for raise hand when AV moderation is enabled in the meeting.